When you try to escape but you go into the wrong door
And the world as you know seems so far to see

Then you stumble to
Many blocks and safari dreams, with all these creeps
I wonder if it feasts me!

When you drag yourself alone into the stairway down
Feel a little dizzy cause the air is worn out
(Now!) Open up your eyes and see the heaven
Or if you look it up you may as well be in hell (hell!)
What the hell?

I'm on a solo dream, but it seems so far from me
Take just one step closer

To another point of view
Crystal clear just like you knew
Cut those chains to follow through
To that plain point of view

It's like I never dance, but here I am killing the dance floor
And the blood is coming up right at my knees

Take me away to the bottom of the coldest sea
Always wanted to fight creatures down here
Oh wait, I'm out without OC
(I wonder if it kills me!)

Walking down a little place that reminds me of home
But all these little men starring me it's so cold (cold!)
I wonder if I'm dreaming in heaven
Cause suddenly I woke up like a stone-cold
(1-2-3 come on!)

I'm feeling strange here
All these things are so damn new
Meeting different planets

It's like I'm on the line of mental illness like I tried
Wake up from this cold inside
And take control
That's just a dream I had
Nothing you should compliment
Take non for example and
(Let it die, let it die, until we die!)