Na Na Na...

Spin Around
come back home you're running out on a line
Sometimes i feel i'm going outta my mind
Stunned here waitin for anyone to take the time
Spin around we get further and further away
Smile and wave ain't got nuttin to say
Stunned here waitin for anyone to
take the time, to change my mind this time

Chorus: Well I've been starin at the sun for some time
And it gets dark inside but i don't mind.
And if you go outta sight then I'm goin blin I can't get by this time.

Spin around jump back take another look at yourself
You've been hidin all alone on a shelf
Frozen waitin for anyone to change your mind
Spin around come down now cuz its all getting clear
everything you've ever wanted is here
never needed anyone to change our minds to waste our time we'll find

Repeat Chorus

Na Na Na...
(repeat 2x)

Spin around and around and around and around
Never wanna come back down
cuz everything i lost i found yeah
(repeat 2x)

Spin Around and around Yeah
Spin around and around yeah
spin around and around yeah

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