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We Never Had a Chance

Brian Jonestown Massacre

You feel a love
Well you better love yourself
Be careful now
Because love is against the law
Just so high you could give a fucking shit about the law
It's with your blood, sweat and tears to be living at all
You fight the lies
Everybody tries to tell you you're dead
It flashed before your eyes before anybody had said
The motherfuckers never stop drilling holes in your head

You want life
Oh but then you die so slow
Hands up drop the gun
Get shot, you're dead and that's the whole of the law
You close your eyes to look at the lies
And then you see it all
A freeze frame lasts forever but the picture is small

They say that love is everywhere and that's the damned disdain
Hits in your eyes
And butterflies are part of everything
The cloudy skies
The fog in your eyes
The will that lets you see
A chance to fall
And hear the call
And grab the magic ring
Don't be surprised when you wake up and tell you you're dead
You'll find that hope is the same as nothing as all

The motherfuckers never stop drilling holes in your head

And maybe now as you're starting to sink
You'll wake up and remember the words to your song
Maybe now as it's starting to sink you'll wake up to discover you're singing along

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