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Well in the game of life let me tell you what the case
Some people got bad hands, some people got aces
Some people got diamonds and some people got spades
The world keeps moving on

You got the Kings and Queens and Jacks of all trades
Then the rest make up the Numbers trying to get paid
They could be working as a pair or as a group
And some just doing wrong

You have the Joker inna the club but them just
Drinking and living it up - nah no time for thinking
If their money ever done they'd be quickly sinking
But they just keep grooving on - no matter who you

You, you got to (just got to) keep on trying
And keep doing your best with the hand that you get
and dont give up the fight
No, no, no, you cant stop, you can't weep, can't keep
on crying
Just keep doing your best you know life is a test and
its going to be alright

Some people living in a full house with one bag of
Making it hand to mouth and you know thats the truth
But the love inna dem hearts is a food substitute and
they make it on through
(Now how about you?) If you born without a gold spoon
there's no time to waste
Because the road is rocky and winding make haste
But while you're bending those corners my youths you
stay straight, and just hold the faith
You'll make it through the gate

Don't get lost inna the crush, if you stumble don't
Don't you flush all your dreams if the journey gets
At the ending of the day its Jah face we going touch,
And He knows the flop, so you don't give up

I know how you feel because most never get a fair
You haffi fight or beg, borrow, steal
And its so hard just to get a good meal, yeah
I know all you want is a fair chance to get to the
You have to keep on climbing nonstop
Hold some, fold some, go on

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Written by: Cezar Cunningham Keep On Spencer / Hill Reggaelectro Mix. Isn't this right? Let us know.