Day one God smiled
gave us all the wisdom of a new born child
but by the time we take our first step
we've already begun to forget
what the heart knows the heart sees
we're just as much the forest as we are the trees
every little seed trying to find
where the light comes from

And it's a world of hurt
nothing works
it's a lonely little planet made of dust and dirt
who'd ever thinks that in de midst of all this
something as beautiful as love exists
and when I hold you and you hold me
heaven doesn't seem like such a mystery
darling in a world of hurt
you make me feel so good

Day one of our love
two heartbroken people scared to trust too much
oh here it's comes that feelin' again
what every lover swears will never end
we thought we'd been there, done that,
but when we've kissed,
we knew we'd never been her...
we've never done this
all the walls comes tumblin' down
when you love someone


Composição: Beth Nielsen Chapman / Jörn Viggo Lofstad