Verse 1 (Jamie)

Holding you here in my arms
Your heart is beating fast
And you want me to tell you
Just how long my love will last

Pre Chorus (Sammi)

Look in my eyes, hear what I say
I'll be the one who won't walk away

Chorus (Jamie & Sammi)

I cross my heart
Pledge to you, all my love
To have and to hold
From this moment on
Just as long as the stars shine above
I will be true, I promise you
I cross my heart

Verse 2 (Sammi)

If I had just one wish
I'd make your dreams come true
'Cause I have everything I need
When I'm Loving you

(Repeat Chorus)

Bridge (Sammi & Delicious)

Put your hand in mine, I want you to know
I'll stand by your side and never let go

(Repeat Chorus)

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