My bank account telling me to calm down
And Billboard's telling me to climb down
Ha, niggas filled with and talking, lemme find out
I don't give a fuck about later, bitch, I'm on now
You know this shine is what I do, though
Bitch, you know I'm ... about a necklace and a ...
Monday in a ... Tuesday in a ...
I'm beat killing .. that's just what I do, though
These niggas' slamming, I was complaining doing the same shit
.. all up on Twitter, ... and follow, sucking the same dick
I'm tired of these niggas, tired of arguing over the same bitch
This nigga is funny like Kanye's, I'm rapping, nigga, I ain't rich
My shit be up in galleries, million when I paint, bitch
Pop records bought me this Ferrari, that's a land switch
Switch it up, all you niggas watch number change
Grown up, all you niggas, yeah, my number change
Hit boy, all these rappers wasting B's
I buy all my click toys, ain't no niggas wasting he
Yeah, I talk that bitch noise, aka, MTMT
I blow their shit up, get up, that's why can't rid of her
Don't fuck with my old bitches like a bad fur
Every industry nigga done had her
Shook the tree like a pumpkin just to smash her
Bitch is breaking codes, but I?m the password
Now is time for young niggas to shut down shit
If you yepping in the club, then you surrounded
They say he tripping, on some grey hound shit
He didn't listen, now he listening to the ground, bitch
For tomorrow, he sleeping with all the ..ers
In his chassi belly breathing
Like his lights' out, he took a beating
Hand on his chest, holding his heart pledge of allegience
Damn, his bitch cold, need a theraflu
Took a shock a bought a 15 hundred pair of shoes
Theraflu, huh
I'm a cold ass nigga, fuck you

Composição: Chris Brown