Nigga why you mad
You know we bullshitting
I like my cars
I like my broad's top missing
Made from the liquor
And faces full of DNA
And me and Sean came to party
So it's TNA
I go to war for that money
I'm a green beret
I got that cash flow
Nigga I just need to save
Call me birdman
Flock full of chickens
What u doin
I'm bullshitting
You get paid
No never mind
Cause by the time you see me
Been seeing your girl like hella times
And she might say your name
But she yelling mine
You a sucker
You a lame
I'm a veteran
I do my thing
Dirty dirty
I'm a be the reason why they acting flirty
1: 30 kinda early
Cause I'm getting birdies
And I'm a birdman
Whole flock of chickens
Nigga what u doin

Nigga hold up
The track done blowed up
My flow sick as shit
I think I throwed up
What up my nigga Sean
We rocking all these ladies
And we responsible for after? all these babies
You know it's G.O.O.D. music
CBE I do do it
Poo poo on that track
And I be shitting on them vomit fluid
Call a coroner
Nigga good riddance
What u doin

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