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Money On The Backburner

Chris Cash

Money don't mean a thing to her
but it'd be nice if on the front of a backburner
She wasn't thinking about the things that she could have had
If she'd gone back in time and stuck with what you had

Your eyes are green cause that's all that you see
and I know you didn't mean to destroy what she has with me
But it's hard when you bought her everything
and all I can give her is love I'm worried because
Love don't seem to pay the bills it don't put food on the table
and money only seems to kill anything that's real
Because you've already bought it all

Your bodies huge cause that's all that you do
You never spend anytime on what's inside of you
I could take you down with the rock that I give her
But you'll still be bigger and she'll still compare you and me
Can't you see that these superficial things that make the wold spin
Will never really win the love of a real girl
and only damper anything that's real with her

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