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All this violence, all of these fights-
streets of Tujunga like every single night.
Rival gangs, and redneck drunks,
share thiere hatred, espically for the punx.
It's where I grew up , It's all I know.
Hate to admit it but it's where I'll grow old
It's constant survial, when you live with this life style
Gotta put up a fight, but I'd gladley go that mile.

Nice atmosphere, but fuck the people
If your white and missing teeth, maybe you'll be treated equal
But who really gives a fuck anyways?
I say fuck what they think! Fuck what they say!
This is really the town that I love,
If you don't believe me take a look at the cross up above
You'll find us drinking with all of our friends,
In our ever growing scene which will live till the end
In this redneck town, were made the victim,
but were strong people with strong convictions.

It was formed by bicker nazi drunks
Wanted white power for all, never expected punks,
People who don't just accept how things are,
do what they want, go againts the norm.
They may live here, but they dont own the streets,
the streets of Tujunga belong to my friends and me.

Kids that I knew when we were real young,
used to hang out with, used to have fun
These were people I cared for, they were my friends
They let this town get the worst of them,
lots of them became nazi skinheads
Just cause It's cool, just cause It's in
Givin in to society, givin up to this city
Following the leader, followin pure stupidity

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