• And it's been ages, different stages

    E faz anos, palcos diferentes

    Habit - Louis Tomlinson
  • But you would rather be in the dark ages

    Mas você prefere permanecer na idade das trevas

    You Need To Calm Down - Taylor Swift
  • One for the ages

    Um pra entrar pra história

    Death By a Thousand Cuts - Taylor Swift
  • I've been away for ages

    Estive longe por muito tempo

    Don't Forget Where You Belong - One Direction
  • Good men through the ages

    Homens bons através dos tempos

    Who'll Stop The Rain - Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • I spent ages giving head

    Passei um tempão chupando

    Not Fair - Lily Allen
  • Through the ages of time

    Através das eras do tempo

    Shepherd Of Fire - Avenged Sevenfold
  • I've been sitting here for ages

    Estou sentado aqui há eras

    Bloodstream (feat. Rudimental) - Ed Sheeran
  • Virginity has been stolen at very young ages

    A virgindade foi roubada em tão jovem idade

    Cry For The Moon - Epica
  • You stay the same through the ages

    Você continua o mesmo através dos tempos

    Your Love Never Fails - Jesus Culture
  • But who'd've thought it'd take me ages?

    Mas quem teria pensado que isso me levaria séculos?

    Imported (feat. 6LACK) - Jessie Reyez
  • Foundations that lasted the ages

    Fundações que duraram eras

    Heart And Soul - Joy Division