• My name is (chicka, chicka) Slim Shady

    Meu nome é... {*Scratches*} Slim Shady

    My Name Is - Eminem
  • Cuz I will pop chick-a pop these cops till I’m

    Porque eu vou atirar nesses soldados até ser livre!

    Aaron Burr, Sir - Hamilton: An American Musical
  • P-p-p pow-pow chicka bow chicka wow-wow

    Ppp-pow pow chicka wow wow

    Berzerk - Eminem
  • Diddly bappa do, chicka chicka chicka cho

    Diddly bappa do, chicka chicka chicka cho

    The Tale of Ben and Jackie - Egyptian
  • Bow chicka wow wow


    Bow Chicka Wow Wow (feat. Lil Wayne) - Mike Posner
  • (Bom chicka wah wah)

    (Bom chicka wah wah)

    Air Guitar - McBusted
  • Bang bang chicka

    Bang bang garoto

    Cops And Robbers - Noelle Bean
  • This chicka right here gotta eat baby

    Essa menina aqui tem que comer, baby

    Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor) - Pitbull
  • Chicka bang bang

    Chicka bang bang

    Dappy - Rock Star