• Take me to the Lakes

    Me leve para os lagos

    the lakes - Taylor Swift
  • Getting lunch down by the Lakes

    Fazendo o almoço pelos lagos

    invisible string - Taylor Swift
  • Lapping lakes like leary loons

    Lagos envolventes feito patos prudentes

    Flume - Bon Iver
  • And no rivers and no lakes can put the fire out

    E nenhum rio e nenhum lago podem apagar o fogo

    Seven Devils - Florence + The Machine
  • Woods and lakes

    Bosques e lagos

    Meadows Of Heaven - Nightwish
  • Groves and standing lakes

    Bosques e lagos inertes

    Spirit Of The Air - Angra
  • We'll jump in some lakes, or maybe swing on vines

    Vamos saltar em alguns lagos, ou talvez balançar em cipós

    IDK - Willow
  • All lakes are sanctuarys

    Todos os lagos são santuários

    Luxtos - Eluveitie
  • Earthquakes on silver lakes

    Terremotos em lagos prateados

    Ghost Beach - Hollywood Undead
  • In between amazing lakes

    Entre lagos surpreendentes

    Heroes Of The Waterfalls' Kingdom - Rhapsody
  • Lakes of fire

    Lagos de fogo

    Beyond - The Birthday Massacre
  • Lakes as green

    Lagos como o verde

    Railway - Boy