• Ya, ya, ya (Myke Towers, baby), tra

    Ya, ya, ya (Myke Towers, meu bem), tra

    Me Gusta (feat. Cardi B & Myke Towers) - Anitta
  • Right before the towers fell, circa '99

    Pouco antes das torres caírem, lá por 99

    Welcome To The Internet - Bo Burnham
  • Towers of gold are still too little

    As torres de ouro ainda são muito pequenas

    Never Enough - O Rei do Show (The Greatest Showman)
  • Pulverize the Eiffel towers

    Pulverize as torres Eiffel

    Holiday - Green Day
  • Laid low their towers and houses frail

    Arrasando casas e torres formosas

    Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold - The Hobbit
  • Trumpets, towers and tenements

    Trompetes, torres, e cortiços

    The Whole Of The Moon - The Waterboys
  • And towers

    E fortalezas

    Towers - Little Mix
  • Your arms like towers

    Seus braços são como torres

    We Are Broken - Paramore
  • When the towers fell down

    Quando as torres caíram

    1994 - Alec Benjamin
  • Prays on her knees when the towers fall

    Reza de joelhos quando as torres desmoronam

    Real Life - Imagine Dragons
  • Parading your bellies in ivory towers

    Desfilando suas barrigas em torres de marfim

    Be Quick Or Be Dead - Iron Maiden
  • Laid low their towers and houses frail

    Derrubou suas torres e casas frágeis

    Misty Mountains - Rivendell