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Man Alive

Diesel Johnny

Open up the door and let me in
Baby it ain't no sin
Gonna be your lover
No thunder or lightning can stop me now
No one can take me down
Gonna be your lover
Lets spend a little time
It ain't no crime
It's loving that matters
Let me lay it on the line
There's not a man alive
With love as justified
And I'm gonna make you believe it
There's not a man alive
Whose will to satisfy
Is as strong as the will in me
Just you wait and see

Don't break my heart and I'll let you see
You'll get the best of me
Gonna be your lover
Just give it a chance
Let love make a stand
It'll all come together
It's a part of the plan

I know you're lost in confusion
I'll be the light that'll make you see
You know it ain't no illusion
You gotta give it to me

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