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Brother Bear - Welcome (single Version)


There's nothing complicated about the
way we live
We're all here for each onther, happy to give
Proud of who we are
Humbled beneath the stars

We've everything we need
The moon, the sun
There is more than enough here for everyone
All we have we share
And all of us we care, so come on

Chorus :

Welcome to our family time
Welcome to our brotherly time
We're happy giving and taking to the
friends we're making
There's nothing we won't do

Welcome to our family time
Welcome to our happy to be time
This is our festival, you know and best of all
We're here to share it all

There's a bond between us, nobody can explain
It's a celebration of life,
and seeing friends again
I'd be there for you
I know you'd be there for me too ...
so come on

Chorus Repeat

Remebering loved ones departed
Someone dear to your heart
Finding love, and planning a future
Telling stories and laughing with friens
Precious moments you'll never forget

This has to be the most beautiful
The most peaceful place I've ever been to
It's nothing like I've ever seen before
When I think how far I've come,
I can't believe it ... and yet I see it
In them I see family
I see the way we used to be

Come on ...

Chorus Repeat

We're here to share it all

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