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DuckTales - The Boogie Beagle Blues


The siren screams, the warden shouts
You know the Beagle Boys are breaking out
We're gonna' steal some blue suede shoes
And sing "The Boogie Beagle Blues"

You keep the bank, we got the cash!
We're gonna' blow this joint and hide all our stash
We'll make the doggone headline news
And sing "The Boogie Beagle Blues"

It's really hot! What's hot? What we've got! Very hot!
We're gonna' get away before we're caught!
As long as it's illegal, we'll be happy beagles
We'll smile for our next mug shot! Say cheese!

We're making money - we got the plates
You know we're wanted in all the better states
We've made the FBI's "Who's Who"
We sing "The Boogie Beagle Blues"

(Repeat third verse)

We'll tell you lies, we break the laws
We love to step on everybody's paws
We're laughing cuz the joke's on you
You'll sing "The Boogie Beagle Blues"

You guys are jerks, you all are nerds
You guys are nothing but a bunch of stupid birds
Looks like we're winning, and you lose
You'll sing "The Boogie Beagle Blues"

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