I tried to be the man you wanted baby
But I guess it wasn't good enough
Now I'm sitting here all alone
Wondering what the deal is

She don't really wanna talk to me
Cause she said that our love is done
She don't even wanna look my way
Cause she said that I'm not the one
All she wanted was a faithful man
Who would tell her just what he felt
Now she's fell out in another man
So I'm left here all by myself

She said that she would comfort you
Through anything
Where did she go?
She said that she would be right here
Never ever leave
Where did she go?

I guess I'm gonna have to tell myself
There'll be better days ahead
And all I have to do is think about
All I had before she left
She don't really wanna live alone
But she will if it brings me pain
And don't I wanna have to sacrifice my soul
Just to keep love the same

(Like yesterday)
Like yesterday
She's gone away
Oooh (can't believe it)
My life ain't the same (no, no, no)

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