Oh Sure (we Can Still Be Friends)

Edwards Tristan

I guess I never told you,
how much I cared.
I guess I never took you,
I tried so hard to love you,
with all of my heart.
I guess that message I wrote,
never got to you.

I wish you hadn't left me,
all alone.
I wish that I had ca
lled you,
on the phone.
I never wanted to hurt you,
especially you're heart.
I guess I was too late,
to sort things out.

I just want to tell you,
how I feel,
You just want to go now,
to another's arms.
Believe me I loved you,
with all of my
I just couldn't find the,
right words to say.
Go, now, just turn away,
what you've just said,
has killed me anyway.
I wish you knew I knew,
of my feelings for you,
but maybe you didn't want,
to know anyway.
Oh Sure, we can still be frie

You called me up,
just the other day.
Just a friendly chat,
to say hey.
And baby it hurt me,
so near to my heart.
The sentences we said,
were so empty and plain.

I guess that I'll go on,
just living life.
I'm sure you'll find someon
who will treat you right.
I'll probably fall in love,
and give away my heart.
Then it will end,
and I'll say.
Repeat Chorus
ad lib till end.

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