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The Denim I Wear Is The Toughest Part Of Me


(your words they penetrate my every pour
the very fiber of my being is breaking with the strain)
as the words misplaced.
Unthoughtful, careless and I know what I've said hurt
but even for me to say this you must know,
you must realize how much of my guard I've let go,
let down the hard part of me which is all I want others to see but this you can't see,
you look inside of me and yet I can't hind from your eyes which makes me bleed
and all I can do is cry,
these lies fall away stripped aside I let them die
knowing it will let me find a way to new life (with this love)
I can't hide any longer from you I can't hide my feelings
no armor is left as I pull from the depth of my heart all that I have and let it fall,
I let it fall with all of me to you.
(This bleeding heart so soft, I won't tear it apart)
(With all of me, to you, with all of me, to you)

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