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Dreams Take Blind Souls

Eternal Afflict

Dreams of some hand - emotions
Down in tears of some lyrics
Laughin' about nothing - nothing to laugh
Satin covered my refired heart
There are corners - there is light
Truth, an attempt in vain
Rooms of monstrous emotions
Damn nights of absolutely deafness
Dancin' with murderers
Dreams take blind souls
Dancin' with murderers
In your white rooms
Captured by the fascination
Dreams like whispers in the wind
Eyes of blinding dreams
Dreams like passport of sickness
Collapsed by nightly circumstances
Silence of a thousand colours
On my walk through tired eyes
Ashes on my mouth - shut
When will the morning come
Staying close to the wall
Laughin' at the wrong time
My memories so far away
In this desert
Don't listen, only questions
The suicide in my suitcase
So easy when you're in vacuum
So walk - don't walk talk - don't talk

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