Daishinrin no Densetsu (translation)

Final Fantasy Series

If it's possible, I'd like these feelings
Welling up within me, to reach you.
I'd like my tiny hopes to come true.
The earth smiles
Warmly, kindly...and...

What is courage?
Is it when I do something?
Or when I don't do something?
A flame glows red, simply red,
Rouging my cheek and burning the sky...and...

Now I can hear the whisper of that day.
Now I can see the colors of that day.
I want to feel it, the way it truly feels.
Where does the water come from?
And where does it go?

I want to go over that mountain and see.
I want to know the other side of the sea.
Following my memories, I let my thoughts ride the wind.
The wind teaches me...I cross the sea,
Pass over the mountain...and...

And...if I close my eyes, I can see it
The brilliance of that day.
If I cover my ears, I can hear it
The song I heard that day.

Hope gives the earth blessings,
Courage will light the flame,
Kindness will make water the source of life,
And search will let thoughts ride the wind.

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