I never needed someone to depend on
I was always alone
But when it came to love
There was nobody home

I was livin' with no- one to lean on
Then you happened along
And when you came my way
The walls came tumbling down
Big change came over me
You brought me something I'd never seen
And you became the someone I'd always need

Don't walk away, and leave me this way
I don't want to be alone
Believin' in love that's been and gone
I'm runnin' free, with no melody
Just a heart without a song
Believin' in love that's been and gone

I was livin' for one situation
Love didn't matter at all
I didn't need a thing
I never heard the call

I was givin' up no information
So, I got nothin' at all
I was blind to what I
Needed most of all

One kiss, and it came to me
You made me something I'd always be and you
Became the someone I'd always need (repeat chorus)


Something went wrong
It's so hard to carry on
When one is still in love
How can I live without you now
I don't wanna turn around
Not after all we've found
I don't wanna go there
I Just don't wanna live without you
And I just wanna stay in love


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Written by: Bill Champlin / Douglas Carr. Isn't this right? Let us know.