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No Wonder They Call Him Savior

Larnelle Harris

He laid aside all the heavenly glory
To be God's word in the image of man
All to show me that grace, faith and mercy
Was the mystery and wonder of eternity's plan?
And then He carried my sin onto Calvary
And clearly having no guilt of His own
He was nailed to a cross of my making
But He used it to bridge ore' the void to God's throne

¶ No wonder they call Him Savior
No wonder they call Him Lord
Jesus, God's choicest favor
Cost more than this world could ever afford
He ransomed His life for my pardon
Sin's price paid in full not in part
No wonder they call Him Savior
Jesus, the Lamb of God
No wonder they call Him Savior
Jesus the Lamb of God ¶

I wasn't there, when the earth was created
So, I've no proof that he hung every star
But, I know what my life was without Him
And the joy that was mine when He rescued my heart ¶ Chorus

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