You draw our hearts from the shadows
Towards your horizon
Leaving the shade of the half light
To follow the son
The city stirs in the twilight
In search of the morning
Street s finding life in the sunburst
Of your bright shining love

For the light has come
And the night cannot understand it
As the world keeps spinning
This hope within us is rising
And like the rising sun
Wake up your light in us
And we will shine like grace
As we call on your name

And when the day is done
This sound will carry on
Ti l the night folds over
In awe of our saviour
Like mountains mirror the sunrise
Reflecting your glory
Might we exhibit your hope bright
Salvation in us

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Written by: Joel Houston / Matt Crocker / Michael Guy Chislett / Scott Ligertwood · This isn't the songwriter? Let us know.
Sent by Daniel
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