Retribution of your good nature.
With a messanger of death.
Promises of restoration.
The truth has not been said.
Enthroned by a disease, an enemy.
You're walking in twilight.
Forever banished out of the realm of earth.
Fysically you've died.
I can feel your presence inside my bleeding heart.
The end of your existence, our lifes are torn apart.
Alone you're walking on your path.
The one to immortality. Surrounded by our grief and sorrow. The pain will always be. At the moment when your wire of silk had snapped. When your blood stopped running through all your veins. The beginning of a journey. Towards immortality. "Scarved by my disease I fell. Slowly I fade away...". Hold on to our memories for they can't and won't be slayed. The pain is growing - razorsharp. Yet no blood runs out of my vein. Spiritually we'll stay together for eternity. Retribution of your good nature. Rewarded with immortality. Cancer was the enemy. From within your veins. Fly. Open your wings and vanish. Into the red of the sky. Towards the land promised by the father of all life. Now that you embrace the sky. You're frozen in time...