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Dancing On The Fire


Too fast, too slow, too much I don't know
The sound of you running, the sound of me coming
Too late to turn, cool to a slow burn
I'm not acting steady so I must be ready now

(Pre-Chorus 1:)
And so I go and never take my time
I make each moment mine
And when the moment comes it's no surprise
To see the future is in your eyes

Dancing on the fire with just one desire
I want your love, I want your love
Dancing on the fire with just one desire
I want your love

(Verse 2:)
Midnight, one dream one chance of comming
The heat of this one choice, the weakness of one voice
Doors that open to sights so uncertain
My heart's open steady with magic get ready, GO!

(Pre-Chorus 2:)
This is no different then the other times
But my heart says "Make this mine"
You ask me how i know this is the night
Cuz The future's in your eyes

(Chorus x2)

Give It Up!

Melting, past rooftops this feeling that can't stop
The state of the night here, the pleasure of no fear
So long and so kind and so hard yet so fine
I'm not acting steady so i must be ready now
Ready To Go
(Chorus Til End)

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Written by: J. Robie / John Robie. Isn't this right? Let us know.