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Cryogenologic Suspended Sleep


Forces of temperatures
Infected internal sleep
Behavior of material in scales of temperatures

Physics engineering
Involved in medicine

The emerging scientists of cryopreservation human and animal with intentions in future

The word cryogenic literally means production of icy cold temperature
In a logical inspired dividing line a normal boiling point of substance
Of a spectrum full of permanent gases hydrogen and Freon refrigerates
In a state of glacial concentration suspended formulas in transference

Infiltrate the process, liquefied gas implanted
Engulfed in chains, systematic run in slow motion

Reality inverse, freezing cell with the cryo-tech
Hardening process, consistence in multi-cellular
Molecular strength, heat treating of temperatures
Corporal collapse, thermal-shock too fast procediment

Interposed an evacuated region…To provide thermal insulation
Vacuum flask to preserve…Its contents action of external referred to its condition
A large stainless steel Dewar of…Liquid nitrogen
Used to supply a cryogenic freezer…For storing laboratory samplers at low degrees, preserving its form

Chemical reaction used to produce, active source for the statin drugs
Chemical reactors used to remove, reactions of the heat in the environment
Freezing system and biotechnology, used to create some kind of vaccines
Nitrogen requires in blast formulate, immersion in material become brittle

Cryopreservation of human project the future
Nanomedicine to protect the structure of brain cell
Decades in future a substantial reeling method
In molecular-level regenerate damaged tissue

Prepare the humanity to cryopreservation

Memory is store in chemistry structure
Identity of mind reconstructed and revival
Brain actions accept that current methods
Cryoprotectant circulated cell its freezing

Isolating the source of identity in the brain… To activate in modern science
Information that encodes the traces of personality…revival neuro-action
To prevent theoretical death…until the future reparation.

Untreated tissue is slowly cooled below the freezing point of water
Ice forms between cells, causing mechanical and chemical damage

Vitrification, preservation,Vitrification, ischemia,

To create a colossal internal ice age programmed form…to reactivate the neuro-activities
And clone a carcass to support the mind infinity...
"Maybe in a not far future they could create a mechanical exo-archetype instead"

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