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Structures of Life in The Science of Fear


Since the downing of our time, reactions bring the sense of life
Expanding the science and giving form for mind psychology
Creating and living in the line, performing the fear they need
In endless inhibition is processed, uncontrolled control

Time reverse, to destroy, to purify for emphasis
Internal conflicting, informal corporation, to failed society, perfect conspiracy
Time inverse, to compare, to regret for emphasis
Loops in our reality, artificial conservative, ambition can invocate, corporal pathology

Corruption forgives the synchrony to forge a new domain
Society collapses fast in programmed species trade
Reflecting immorality creating senseless thoughts

Searching the reverse and remote, the underworld
Crawling into the deep, forsaken perspectives in mind
Formulate our information, finding the plane B
These aspects of fragile mind condemned us, thy human race

Answers of questions comes in the mind when our brain is open
Consenting the structured and aural combined feeling
Unparalleled chaotic system is running, beneath the surface
And they are feeding the obsolete, project of new energy
Unorthodox practices to fooled the mind, inverted all the proportions opened the cortex void

Founding with dark reactors they use the source in random pattern
Change form conspiring for itself forged in obscure desires of recreation
Falling the pieces decadent of the fragile community engulfed in fear
And now forced implanted so called hybrid aspects of behavior

They have planned everything using the science force masking the objectives with tragedies and TV lies
Making the people believe in singular prosperity of secondary beliefs implanted in the media
Society has no control of orders and the words above becoming more receptive converting all the lies in absolution….

Fear to defeat…carving… horror in the minds…logical control…manipulated
Method of all kinds…using…some different tools…logical control…neurological no escape
Biotechnics …changing…a personality…logical control…unstoppable
Virus to inject…running…the veins self support…logical control…infected corporal system
And all the schematics failed in a scheduled preparation, and the mind's instability sometimes can create the way

The source of pain of mankind-is found on-the both side of a brain-complex capacities
The way is forged in mind-but with time-it disappears in the hive-of infinite conspiracy
Projected reality-design in mind-to correspond they believes-neurotic conformity
Dimensional thoughts-the first step-the molds of new order rise-the order of Fear

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