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Get Off Me Dog!

Insane Clown Posse

yo, its 2 dope man. check this out man. you know what the wordon
the street is, dog? The word on the street is that you a bitch.Whats
up with that man?

Mutha fucka tweek mutha tweek, why you tweek?
Gotta gosh willie oh me oh, my oh me
Get off me dog before I skin your chin.
I let my nutsack flap in the wind.
'Cause I'm to Dope clown love for chee
'Cause it's one chop to boing boom chop three
In the melon
In the back of the melon
One black, two black, eyeballs swelling.
Always think back, thinkin' it was moldel ordey
Sippin' on a blunt
Puffin' on a forty- orty
Oh, zee mutha fuck me
Fuck Stewart Frankly, they call me
Jelly, Jello boy 'cause my nutsack jiggles
And when it's cold out my nutsack shrivels
And cralls up my booty hole warm and snug
And gets chased out by the booty hole bug
God damn, I hat ewho I am
I'm always fucking big fat bitches named Pam
19 years of breathing smog
Got me mentos,
So get off me dog

Get off me dog (repeats)

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