Across the arcane battlements, an insidious plague sweeps
Wyrm tongued shadow minions, of the tyrant who still sleeps
Yet each and every one, shall taste of British steel
Their deceit and artifice, waylaid by the fury I wield

Apostate eirenicon poison, the chalice of alchemical might
They covet of my lifesblood, but these lands are mine
From benighted oak forest, to bleak mist shrouded moor
The iron hearted mountains, and grim the frozen shore

At the pinnacle of in exactitude, the inquititious align
Gorge, breed, proliferate, isochronal yet sublime
A conqueror star shall rise again
Above these ravaged lands
Bathe them all in its cleansing fire
Wreak havoc upon half-man

Subdue the weak, in chains of guile
But I'll die upon my feet
Pride my armour, yield? not ever
No remorse or no retreat

To hew, hack and slay the foe, the avaricious who betray
Mighty & Superior! - My cry of victory

Mighty & Superior - Tomorrow belongs to me...

Composição: Richard M. Walker