Let's fight!

Time has no eyes see inside everywhere else
I'm holding where do I make my heart breakin' away
I don't weep it through so much make on let this lovin' away
Tears are less that sure them on
Forever and ever and every day

Give me one more chance to prove my love to you
People turn your back on me now
Give me one more chance to make me try
That's why I'm singing this song tonight...

All alone for your love for you two of you in your arms
I know I hurt you so, when you're free,
I'm in winter time
Do you know what we still with every beat of my heart
Crave that you come in my way
Crave myself to see


Let's fight!
Kick me!

I know I hurt you so much
I know I hurt you bad
Life now we more than
I have is take me back