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Voodoo Mambo (The Pest Theme)

John Leguizamo

I like to boogie with my peeps
Cruise and creep
Playin three card money on these crazy streets
Great hustler
Gonna scam in a minute
So low to the floor pick a pocket on a midget
Slick shyster
The petsmeister
Livin life in a miamis vice
Ma see, nobody messes with the frog see, where\'s your messiah now?
Im rediculiculous
Like a booger i stick to this
Take a whiff of this
Im stinky dinky
Two stinky dinky
Voodoo mambo, chili congo
Old school beat meets the latin freak and you dont stop
Voodoo mambo, chili congo
Old school beat meets latin freak and you don\'t quit and you dont stop
Mirror mirror on the wall
Who is the slickest of them all?
Its the schemeingest, keenist scam artist
God its so hard to be modest
Jack might be nimble, but im a sex symbol
So slickest of the wick from his candlestick
Im in the mood to scam
Simply because i can
Im the latin hoodini
Disapear in a flash with your cash and im back like a geenie
Lucy, im home
Dont do that to me lucy
Freak to the east
Freak to the west
Freak big botties and big chest
Yes, yes, yall
Its like
Why certainly
Get stupid, get retarded
Cuz pest'll get the party started
Which way did he go george
Which way did he go?
Groovolocious, atrocious
What a maroon, what a maroon
What a freak
What a suckerbutt
Im a man of a million disguises
Im as crazy as they make them
Or shake them
Or break them
So scientific
Hate to be specific
Multiply it, divide it
Slide up inside it
Blend it
Mix it
Damn im terrific

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