Help me to understand
Why your love flew away.
Don't be afraid when you see me crying.
Everything's gonna be fine.

My love, y owe you so much
Tears fall thinking of you.
I let you down. Where are you now?
I miss you smile every night.

My love, don't say goodbye.
I've told you a million times.
Although today we go separate ways,
I'll see you tonight in my dreams.

I'm leaving behind all the things I once learned,
I'm going away from you to find myself.

Pushing my luck but I keep moving on
Why can't you love me?

Does anyone know about spells to kill sorrows?
Does anyone sell potions just to forget?
Who stole the promises that I once brought you?
My heart is broken again.

Tell me how I can find
Love that will never die.
I still fear voices that force me to cry.
Just hold me tight one more time.
Baby, tell me, where is the light? Don't let me lose my mind
I wait for the light of the dawn still to come.
I have a fear of the dark.

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