Foggy are the oldgrown forests
The moon shines through eternal darkness
A path through the big tall trees
Shows me the way to rover
To the forgotten place
My father once told me to go
"the spirit of the old you´re about to find" he said
"if you follow their whispering voices"

So i listened to the silent words
I could hear since i was born
The ancestors calling my name
Wandering in the shades of the woods
I casted the runes
Where the road to them is to find
These wise old signs gonna lead me there
To the place where i shall receive new hope

After days of wandering
On a northern mountain i stand
A big grey castle on it
The towers of it covered with snow
I can feel the power
Coming from inside
I walk towards the big door
I open it and the shine of once comes out....

There i can see them
The great warriors, fallen heroes
Drinking mead and having meal
They seem so strong to me
I reached the great hall of the gods
All my ancestors are here
And while gazing amazed around the hall
I can see my father sitting there