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Consuming cosmic volatifity
A haunting pessimistic elegy
Ghostly vortex of my obliteration
And the prodigy of selfdissipation

Darkness poured mforth upon my universe
In one unceasing radiation of gloom
A heart heavy with the song of the moving scythe
Spirally floating in antagonising doom

Convulsive spasm of the soul
A chronic perpetual distress
The epitome of my inferno
Dwelling dormant and will-less

Nemo ante mortem beatus
Mors ultima linea rerum est
Media in vita in morte sumus
Sic non luceat lux vitae!

A grievous day lasts a hundred years
Downhearted spirit - perish in azure tears
By the signum of mortality I fade away
Forsake myself - I'm torn astray

When all hope is bleeding out of my soul
Deprived of confidence and belief
My life's a ruin in which my future dies
A forlorn maze of sorrow and grief

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