O I'm a good old rebel, Now that's just what I am,
A for this Yankee nation, I do not give a damn'
I'm glad I fought against her, I only wish we'd won,
And I don't wish any pardon, for anything I've done...

I hate this Yankee nation, And everything they've do,
I hate the Declaration, Of Independence too,
I hate the glorious Union,'Tis dripping with our blood,
And I hate the striped banner, And fit it all I could...

I rode with Robert E Lee, For four years, near about,
Got wounded in three places, And starved at Point Lookout,
I cought the rheumatism, A camping in the snow,
But I killed my share of Yankees, and I wish we killed some more....

Three hundred thousand Yankees, Lie stiff in Southern dust,
We got three hundred thousand, Before they conquered us,
They died of Southern fever, And Southern steel and shot,
And I wish it was three million, Instead of what we got....

I can't take up my musket, And fight 'em now no more,
But I ain't gonna love 'em, Now that is sartin sho,
And I don't want no pardon, For what I was and am,
And I won't be reconstructed, And I do not give a damn

Oh, I'm a good old rebel,
Now thats just what I am,
And for this yankee nation,
I do no give a damn.
I'm glad I fought a ganner,
I only wish we won.
I aint asked any pardon for anything I've done.
I aint asked any pardon for anything I've done.

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Written by: Rebel Johnny. Isn't this right? Let us know.