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You Hot (i Don't Care)

Rich Prez

I step in the door got my khaki's on, so you know I'm
feelin' really slick
Got a Heineken, kinda hot again, so I had to adjust my
Lit up a black, stepped on back, but these fools
continue to stare
But I tell ya one thing, don't you know that I don't
I'm up in the club only when I know that I'm rollin'
twenty deep
Gotta do that shit nowadays cause these suckas they
will creep
Where the liquor at, gettin' sick uh same ol' bitch
with a evil stare
Got my drank on, got my bank on, don't you know that I
don't care?

Say what you want 'bout me cause I don't care ( 4 X )

Say what you want 'bout me cause I don't really,
really know
How the fuck I got in bed with your silly silly ho
By the end of the day, I recall that they, always roll
with me
To the ladies, one time show your man some sympathy
Show off the bra, show off the waist, and could ya
please show off that ass!
Do a little dance, put 'em in a trance, if you want
that backstage pass
To the playa's out there, workin' a girl, and she say
she love the sound
DON'T STOP, GET IT, GET IT, till the panties hit the
ground, I'm saying'

(Chorus) & (OOH, YOU HOT!!!)

Everybody in the place, put a hand up if you feelin'
really live
Yup the party over here, get a beer and you know that
we don't die
I was, up in the cut, checkin' her butt, when she
caught me give a glance
That's straight pimpin' baby, she askin' me to dance
Just like a chicken wang, thang gettin' bigga man,
She say she got that cash, so she fillin' up my cup
She on my crotch, I look at my watch and it say it's
half past late
Say what you want 'bout me, but me and her are 'bout
to skate...peace!

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