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Warrior Of Death (feat. Dazowar)

Sabine Pröbstl

He is protected by saturn-planet of destruction
He is a soldier-soldier of annihilation
He is a warrior-warrior of death
And h is a god-god od the darkness

Here our soldier stand-a army of immortals
from all around the world
with the know you protected us
And we lie our lives in your hand

You are the soldier of the dark might
The black sun bring you power
The cold moon will you illuminate
You look pride and sovereignty
Warrior of death

And we are fighting till the last of us died
And there's nothing they can hold us
Victory is near
All are brothers and sisters-from every nation
Are stand by our side

Terakrite souleranite
Votenistora kahre
Restaknoi derfanail
Silver zerveriel

Chouros 2x

Let us share in your glory
Mighty god of death
Warrior of darkness

Chouros 3x

Teras kanlos tiapolos
Kanend vieras pelekos
Aresior kelend simeras
Herak liesed kerimes

Ferastku meramiss
Laperndko erkaradis
Deraskai ramai.....

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