Kiss kiss
Hug hug
See you when I see you
Wanna see you like you never get enough
And hug hug

Tell the truth now I'll give you the run around
You know I never answer when I want you to think I'm over there
And kiss kiss

Pay attention to my blow career cigarettes jump back
Tanqueray tonic black palms heart attack
And eyeballs in the left pocket
And I'm thinking I can see it all
I can see it all

Take off and come back
Left her in the house and everybody left up on the tracks
But your smile

And circle gets a square I left you standing there
And everybody thinks that my obligations head to east
Or so they think

So now it seems that I've been left up in the last crossfire
And everybody wonders where you and I are
Why we're not at that party like we should be
Well I can tell you where, but I know it'd kill you!

Well let me calm your curiosity
Cause you have not been playin on my team
But I am not that ordinary
You'll see in time
But I could tell you right the beginning

Composição: The Eames Era