Looking back
Back on the past
The memories
Of times that we've had
I struggle
Reliving in thought
The good times
And all that was lost
And I know it's all history

But I don't wanna let go
Of the past
Don't wanna let go
I don't wanna let go
Looking back
Don't wanna let go

Something is telling me
To move on
I try and try and try
God knows I try
But I'm still drawn
The echoes of the past
Are telling me
How do you expect
To live your life in agony
They tell me

Let it go

I'm sick and tired
Of watching good things
In life just pass
They are here and over so fast
But I know in order to grow
I must move on
And push it beyond

I can't see
Looking back

I know I must let go

Composição: Spudmonsters