it's the gay nineties and
you can't watch nothin' good
mindless pinko garbage
is all they make in hollywood
kung fu theatre,
now there's a show with class
like to find the guy
who cancelled it
and karate chop his ass
so after alf is done
there ain't nuthin' good on
all my rowdy friends come over
'cause i have pong

join us! join us! join us!
join us for pong!

i got the foxes i got that clout
i got my unit on
the day they came out
you bring the snack treats,
you bring the booze
i ain't bringin' nuthin',
does that box belong to you?
pass the dutchie's on,
my all time favorite song
but turn it down you moron
'cause we're tryin'
to play pong

don't be fooled by world peace
or an economy thats stable
the c.i.a.'s just got more time
to watch you
through your cable
they would control you
and take away your brain
you can defeat them
if you switch your box
over to "game"
do what's right to you,
not what they tell you to
you can fight
we meet tonight
so join us for pong

it's up to you to improve
your hand-eye cordination
or become a mindless servant,
unwitting puppet of the nation
they know your address,
they send you bills
they decide if you watch tyson,
don't that give you the chills
shake off your shackles son,
we've only just begun
there's just two speeds,
it's what you need,
so join us for pong

Composição: Joe Escalante / Warren Fitzgerald