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Someone To Hold


Sometimes I Stare At The Bed
Knowing That No One's There
Something Is Telling Me
That You Feel The Way I Do
I Dream Of You All The Time
Wishing That You Were Mine
I'm Feeling So Empty
Hoping You Think Of Me
I Need You Here Tonight

(Chorus) If I'm All Alone
And You're All Alone
Ain't Nothin Wrong With Having Someone To Hold
Ooh Your Tender Touch
It Means So Much
Cause It Feels So Right Having Someone To Hold
Baby It's Very Plain To See
I Want You Next To Me
Give Me Your Hand
And I'll Try Understand
Girl I Love You So
I Can't Let You Go
Cause Ain't Nothing Wrong With Having Someone To Hold

Every Now And Then
I Get To Wondering
Are You With Someone Else
Or Could You Be By Yourself
I Turn On The Tv
It's A Picture Of You And Me
And I'm Going Crazy
Cause I Miss My Baby
I Want You Here Tonight


I Love You So
And Everything You Have Done For Me
No One Has Ever Done Before
And I'll Never Let You Go
Oh Baby I Love You So
I'll Never Let You Go
You Mean The World To Me
And Baby The Way You Make Me Feel
Whenever I'm Alone With You
Isn't Replaceable
Girl There Ain't Nothin Wrong

Chorus Til End

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Written by: D. Jones / Marvin Scandrick / Quinnes Parker. Isn't this right? Let us know.


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