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Mother (Oh-mon-ni) (translation)


The deep red of the sun, Where does it go?
There is an end to this dream, I believe it
If I know it, I don't know it well
Time passes, and it seems I live like that
I am scolded for my rash acts
It seems that I can't have that same love again
It's like that, now I'm so sad
I hold it all inside and I walk on, I walk on
Come on, Hey~ Come on

** Mom, the moment for me to leave has come
You don't tell me to wait, be strong
Mom, maybe it's too late
You don't tell me to look for it, please forgive me

How many days remain when we will be together?
I kicked it all away, now what about my future?
I go on, but the truth is I'm out of control
The day comes when I meet another lady
When this happens, I leave home
What will become of me? Come on

(I knew)

I don't say it, but now the world doesn't matter
I am fine alone, I seem to be doing fine
Now I have become poor
But my heart imagines your image
I have had enough

** (Repeat)

(Your mom taught you like this! Shhh~!!
This work is young like that!!)

I long for that day, but it is so cold
I am alone in these horrible people
The world like this one is horrible
Mom's heart is warm
First I long for that
But our fathers are horrible
It flickers in our eyes. Home! Sweet Home!
Already I can hear dad's voice
He will say some strong words and take some heavy steps

Mom, now I go to your house and your unconditional love
Please understand
Dad, you were angry, but maybe you will forgive me
I don't know anymore

(Mom~ Mom~)
(Oh! From in you! Oh!! From inside of you!?
I can't live like that! Oh, yeah~)