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Kid Indestructible

28 Days

My style yeh i like to party down on a
thursday night and you know we do it right
mad wild going crazy with the crew yeh
we do what we want to and you know
when i hit the suds it's a nightmare stand clear
doing what i feel is right if not who cares
not me evil like the devil don't you think?
waking in the morning thinking damn i shouldn't drink.

i kinda know yeh i know but i don't want to know
what i did when i was kid indestructible
i put the pieces together enough to know i fucked up

friday I'm always paying through the nose
cause i choose to start the weekend early
and they say you shoulda seen yourself last night
then they laugh yeh you were in great form

the barman won't serve me but he's serving all the ladies
i want to jump the bar and send the bitch to Hades
so i pick up all his straws and
I throw them at his little pinhead
the bouncer saw me now I'm dead
ah fuck I'm dead

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