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Stride (Jump On The Fizzy)

Aaron Carter

Here We Go x2

The name is AC
and I'm here to make it high
I step into a room
you could hear a pin drop

Now I know (you know)
I rock to a lot of tunes
rhyme so high,
I'll fly ya to the moon
Don't try to take me up
I'm the one who beat shaq
said come and get it and
told ya where its at
nine o clock on the dot
a party down the block
get my crew together
and I make a pit stop

Grab Kara, and Sarah,
Lisa, Mandy and Tara
got Jennie then Jessie
now we're all chillin jump on the fizzy

ain't nothin gonna break my stride
u know I'm gonna hold it down
well, i'm gonna keep it movin
ain't havin nothin but a good time
yeah, we're gonna shout it loud
well we're gonna keep it movin

(jump on a fizzy x2)

So listen up
check it out,
cause this is kinda phat,
no I ain't crazy i'ma animaniac
busting rhymes like yeah
can u kick it? yes I can
ain't no fanatic, I'm just a big fan
take ur left hand, right hand
raise em to da sky,
take a step back, and one to the side
eleven o clock on the dot
the party's gettin hot
all the girls on the floor,
hear beat drop

yo Kara, and Sarah
Lisa, Mandy, and Tara
yo Jennie then Jessie
we're all chillin jump on a fizzy


Put ur hands up (jump on a fizzy)
put ur hands high (jump on a fizzy)
when the beat is crankin loud
and we're bouncin with the crowd
put ur hands up (jump on a fizzy)
put ur hands high (jump on a fizzy)

And ya know I'm goin, goin on strong
DJ put a little guitar in my song

jump on a fizzy

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