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Spirit Soldier


Spirit is your fate and burden
Spirit is your destination

Long times ago, in a dark night
You felt body and soul unite
In a dream of epiphany
You were given perspecuity,
Dignity, autonomy, supremacy!
Ancient spirits cursed though your veins
The sparks in you turned into flames
You heard battle drums thundering
Was this a dream or an awakening?
A destining, foreshadowing offering?
The gods have marked you for your life and death
The gods will guide you up to your last breath


You will lead a secret life sheltered by darkness
Up to the day that the Spiritsoldiers will conquer, and then...
The twilight mountains you will climb
Brighter than the sun you will shine
Louder than thunder you will roar
Above the world your voice will soar
Through the universe you will fly
Expand the earth, tear up the sky
Once your spirit will break free
A new spring will bring liberty
The gods blessed you with power and a vision
The gods gave you life to accomplish a mission
Being a soldier of spirit in a cold and shallow world
Will at times seem to you rather a curse than a gift
Sometimes you damn the ancient spirits
Everything seems grim and senseless
They tell you that there's no forgiveness
For the thousand sins you could confess
Then you envy the blind fools
Who thrive in mediacracies
Who love and hate as they are told
Devoted to trivialities

Spirit Soldier

Sometimes your dreams take you to the land Of purity, silence and soul
Where you feel unchained and alive
Where fate is under your control
Then you thank the great omnipotent Creators of life and spirit
That with the dawning of a new age
You'll be united with the infinite


The gods sent you to provide for enlightenment
The gods have placed you in line of their descent

[Repeat Chorus]

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