My name is shola, I'm from around the way,
And if you feel me, then let me hear you say hey,
I came 2 rock u with a different style,
Something to make the people go wild,
It's been a long time since I saw you last,
So let's catch up, we can have a blast,
I know u missed me, I missed u 2,
So round up ur friends, and ur crew,

Cos we be, we b taking it back down to the streets,
Funky lyrics and these brand new beats,
Everybody, don't you know it's all love,
We b throwin' u flows u're sure of,
If u didn't know, u now know,
Cos I'm back 2 run the show,
So 4get what u heard in the past,
This is 4 real, motherf###er
Yeah yeah

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