At war with myself, and took it to the street
Another grey afternoon of the soul

Infinite repetition with no end in sight
Karmic debts from another life i am starting to remember
A little here, a little there, mitrochondrial memory
Up the twisting ladder
I recognized you instantly

Although we've never met, something in your eyes
From so many thousands years ago
I was never young, and neither were you

[man:] who the hell are you?
[strange voice:] you know who i am
[man:] are you who i think you are?
[strange voice:] yes

I am here!
You know me!
Here i am!

I was half asleep or was i half awake?
Pressure from my chest, impossible to breathe

I forced my eyes to look
And you are all i see
Speaking in thoughts, boring into me (i've lost it)

[strange voice:] you wanted to make a deal, so here i am, well…
[man:] i didn't mean it, this is not what i asked for
[strange voice:] well, you said it, and now i am here! be careful what you wish for

I am here!
You know me!
Here i am!
I know you!

[strange voice:] be careful what you wish for

Infinite repetition…

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