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Lover Of My Soul

Amy Grant

Mmm, when i see the winter
Turning into spring,
Oh, it speaks to this heart of mine
More than anything.
Underneath a blanket of snow
Cold and white,
Something is stirring in the still of the night.
When the sun comes up
Slowly with the dawn,
Oh, this is the common feeling
That i hang my hope up on.
There is a love and beauty
In all that i see
And no one, nobody
Is explaining you to me.

And maybe my eyes cant see
But you are surrounding me
Here in the wind and rain,
The things that i know.
Are tender and sweet
This song as my lead,
I know the voice, i know the touch,
Lover of my soul.

When the evening comes
Sunlight fades to red
Time and time and time again
I whisper in my head.
Give me stregth
Give me faith
To firmly believe
That the maker of this whole wide world is a father to me.

(repeat chorus 2x's)

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Written by: Amy Grant / Michael Omartian. Isn't this right? Let us know.